27 Oct - 29 Oct, 2021

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Speakers and Guests

  • Grant Kirkhope avatar

    Grant Kirkhope

    Video Game Composer

  • Rhianna Pratchett avatar

    Rhianna Pratchett

    Video Games Writer

  • Corey Brotherson avatar

    Corey Brotherson

    Video Games Writer

  • Brian D’Oliveira avatar

    Brian D’Oliveira

    Video Game Composer

  • Gareth Coker avatar

    Gareth Coker

    Video Game Composer

  • Inon Zur avatar

    Inon Zur

    Video Game Composer

  • Heather Fenoughty avatar

    Heather Fenoughty

    Video Game Composer

  • Mary Goodden avatar

    Mary Goodden

    Video Games Writer

  • Steve Ince avatar

    Steve Ince

    Video Games Writer

  • Chloe Bonnet avatar

    Chloe Bonnet

    Lead Cinematic Animator

  • Anna Wikstrom avatar

    Anna Wikstrom

    UX Game Designer

  • Alex Tokmakchiev avatar

    Alex Tokmakchiev

    Lead UI/UX Game Designer

  • Doug Pennant avatar

    Doug Pennant

    Development Manager

  • Jason Kingsley avatar

    Jason Kingsley


  • Gary Cassey avatar

    Gary Cassey

    Technical Director