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What is a Portfolio Review?

Get ready to level up and kick-start your career. Our portfolio reviews segment is your chance to have talented industry professionals look at your portfolios or projects and give invaluable feedback on where you might improve, and advice on what to look at next.

Featuring industry professionals across a variety of different roles, the one-to-one portfolio reviews will last approximately 10 minutes, giving you an opportunity to speak with artists, programmers, recruiters and more to discuss your career path and future aspirations.

To attend the sessions, simply turn up to our Discord channel during the allocated 10am - 4pm slots (check our schedule to see the timings for each industry expert) and join the relvant queue. Make sure to bring a link to your work along so it can be reviewed, however this isn’t essential.

Keynote Talks

  • Brenda Romero avatar

    Brenda Romero

    CEO, Romero Games

  • Mike Bithell avatar

    Mike Bithell

    Founder of Bithell Games and creator of Thomas Was Alone, John Wick Hex and The Solitaire Conspiracy, Mike Bithell presents about his games career, how to run a successful games company and what he wish he knew when he started.

  • Dan Bernardo avatar

    Dan Bernardo

    Founder of Playtra Games, Dan Bernardo will discuss how he broke into the games industry, advice for aspiring game developers and what inspires him in the games industry.

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