31 May - 01 Jun, 2022

Secure investment and meet developers

GI Live: Online returns with major keynotes, panels and roundtables, featuring the likes of Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick and Valve. Massive investors and big name publishers will be meeting indie developers from around the world. And we'll reveal the winners of the 2022 Indie Publishing Awards

Speakers and Guests

  • Strauss Zelnick avatar

    Strauss Zelnick

    CEO, Take-Two

  • Chris Charla avatar

    Chris Charla

    Head of ID@Xbox

  • Guha Bala avatar

    Guha Bala

    President, Velan Studios

  • Christina Seelye avatar

    Christina Seelye

    CEO, Zordix Gaming Group

  • Rob Lowe avatar

    Rob Lowe

    Managing Director, Digital Play, LEGO Ventures

  • Rami Ismail avatar

    Rami Ismail

    Game Developer

  • Cherry Freeman avatar

    Cherry Freeman

    Founder and Partner, Hiro Capital

  • Alex Kamins avatar

    Alex Kamins

    SVP, Head of New Business & Ventures, Warner Music Group

  • Jenny Windom avatar

    Jenny Windom

    Production and Community, Kowloon Nights

  • Yea Ji Oh avatar

    Yea Ji Oh

    General Manager, All Pixels by Streamline

  • Emily Britt avatar

    Emily Britt

    Head of Communications, Diva Agency

  • Simon Byron avatar

    Simon Byron

    Director of Publishing, Yogscast

  • Caroline Miller avatar

    Caroline Miller

    Founder, Indigo Pearl

  • Jay Uppal avatar

    Jay Uppal

    Management Consultant, Newzoo